Received the next generation accreditation mark "Kurumin"

We have been qualified as a company promoting parenting support and received the "Kurumin" accreditation mark from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
In order to improve and maintain an employee friendly working environment, we have promoted the introduction and expansion of the remote working system, the acquisition of male childcare leave, and the introduction of company-led nursery centers for employees returning from childcare leave.
The qualification is due to the recognition of these efforts.
We continue to support the work-life balance of our employees and strive to create a workplace where each and every one of us can demonstrate our own abilities.

Started "Eco Caps"

Used bottle caps collected

We have started "Eco Caps" at our every brunch including Yokohama Headquarters since July 2008.

We can make a contribution to reducing CO2 and also to saving lives of children through recycling PET bottle caps.
We send the caps we accumulated at our brunch to the NPO "Eco Cap Movement". They sell the caps to recyclers and the profit is donated for Vaccines for children in developing countries.



Total 665,985caps are sent to the NPO and made the achievement.
The polio Vaccine for 832.48 children
(It is converted into a vaccine for one person by 800 caps.)
Reduced 4994.88Kg CO2
We could send love to the children and the earth.

Installed "Donation Vending Machine"

Started Contribution to JRCS through using Vending Machine

We installed a new vending machine at the cafeteria in Yokohama Headquarters.
A part of the sales of the machine can be donated to the JRSC(The Japanese Red Cross Society) and use it for their activities like accident rescues.